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Business Lease has bet on a unique strategy

Expertise, human approach, trust, mobility, and innovation are the main characteristics attributed to Business Lease by its customers. On the other hand, the provider of comprehensive mobility and operational leasing has promoted customer experience to its main business pillars.Expertise, human approach, trust, mobility, and innovation. These five characteristics were attributed to Business Lease Slovakia by its customers when asked to name what the company evoked in their minds. The company has organised a customer experience business cocktail at its headquarters, where it has presented a unique project – a direct discussion with its existing, new and former customers on the subject of their needs and expectations, how they perceive approach of and collaboration with Business Lease and what other mobility services they would welcome. “During the event, we organised a round table in a relaxed atmosphere and with the eye-catching view from the city’s highest-located terrace where our customers openly discussed with Business Lease employees their customer experience, brand awareness, and their expectations for products and services that Business Lease should bring to the industry,” explained Lucia Čišková, Executive Director of Business Lease Slovakia. She added that the ability to look through the eyes of the customer at the processes from product delivery, to customer care and to eventual termination or resumption of cooperation is very important for the company’s further development and success.

„Charles Darwin once said that those who survive are not those who are strongest or most intelligent but those who will be able to adapt as quickly as possible. We have been active in the market for more than 20 years. Although the majority of our business activity lies mainly in providing operational leasing, our strategy and vision began to change last year – from leasing cars to providing comprehensive mobility,” emphasised Lucia Čišková. This is also evidenced by innovation. “In addition to operational leasing for companies and individuals and vehicle fleet management, we started car sharing, car-pooling, and short-term car rental. We are also a strong provider of electromobility solutions, we offer vehicles after operational leasing for sale and we plan to add new services such as a mobility card or mobility budget that give companies and their employees the freedom to decide what kind of mobility is best for them. This meeting also shows that we have made the right choice when we want to strengthen our strategy with a personalised approach and when we want to listen carefully to the customer's voice,” she noted.

Satisfaction is the keyThis is also believed by change management and corporate culture strategic development specialist Ján Uriga of PricewaterhouseCoopers, who was present at the event and actively collaborates with Business Lease. It is customer satisfaction that is largely reflected in the financial results of companies. “Companies need to have their heart fine-tuned to what the customer needs. They need to operate through empathy, human approach, and recognise their needs. Statistics show that if a customer has good business experience, he or she is willing to pay for the product 16 % more than it costs at a competitor. Being good at customer experience does not necessarily mean being cheap. The competitive fight is difficult, but if the company focuses on the parameter of customer experience, it wins,” she says. At the same time, a successful strategy should include the quality of service or product, corporate responsibility and well-functioning feedback. As other statistics show, one third of customers in Europe are ready to give up their favourite brand after bad customer experience, although the majority are willing to tolerate fluctuations if the other parameters just mentioned are present.

Therefore, within the new corporate culture, Business Lease focuses besides professionalism and high-quality partner relationships especially on human approach, open and direct communication with an emphasis on well-functioning feedback,” noted Lucia Čišková.Innovation and mobilityAn open discussion has shown that companies want innovation, while they are not indifferent to sustainability. “Car ownership is still considered to be a matter of status and convenience but on the other hand air pollution, daily traffic jams and the need to be mobile contribute to the growth of a new generation that views cars differently. For them it is a means that should ensure freedom, flexibility, mobility, convenience and simplicity, using also the latest technology,” explained Andrea Orsag, a consultant and the owner of MissionC from the Netherlands, who was also present at the Business Lease event.The fact is, as the statistics confirm, that today we use cars for some 5 percent of the time, the rest they spend in the parking lot, which is for companies that try to optimise their cost lost money. At the same time, not only the parking cost is growing but there is also a shortage of parking spaces.“Therefore, as the discussions have shown, even though the company employees still consider the company car to be a significant corporate benefit, there is an increasing interest among companies in car sharing or car-pooling, which enables the use of a company car by several employees tracing the kilometres driven, route or time of use, saving both administration and money for the company. Mobility budget is also interesting for them. By endeavouring to listen to our customers and at the same time proactively to offer innovations and provide comprehensive care for their mobility needs, we are preparing new service that will make it possible to put together the means of mobility when moving from point A to point B, using anything from car, to public transport, to train and to plane through the mobility card,” said Lucia Čišková. The number of new solutions will grow.

Five customer promisesThe company, which is one of the leaders in mobility innovation, is committed to the five promises that it holds towards its customers as part of its new strategy. The customer promises are based on five values by which the Business Lease employees live.

  1. Passion: We will always serve you with joy and passion!
  2. Responsibility: You will always get our answer within 24 hours!
  3. Innovation: You may be assured that you always have the most innovative product on the market!
  4. Everything for your smile: Our care will make you smile!
  5. Sustainability: We will be your sustainable and stable partner for decades!

KontaktBusiness Lease Slovakia s.r.o, Twin City Tower, Mlynské Nivy 10, 821 09, tel.: +421 2 5810 3860,

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