Adapting to a changing mobility landscape

The future of mobility is becoming increasingly autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared. Innovations on electrification, connectivity, and autonomy are set to dramatically transform the manner in which people move around. New business models and urbanization are already changing traditional mobility models. Business Lease has identified this phase of change. It is important to transition to a new style of business, transform the processes and ways of work and adapt to new technologies and the changing landscape of competition. How does this changing landscape look like, and what is Business Lease doing to fit in?

Driverless cars are more likely to become a reality now that autonomous-vehicle technology is shifting towards full autonomy, eliminating the need of driver assistance. Driverless cars bring significant benefits, such as increased personal safety (no more human mistakes), decreased environmental harm (increased efficiency) and a reduction in transportation costs. These advances will impact the mobility needs of society as they impact the current norm and manner of transport. For Business Lease, the technology is not entirely mature yet and still requires time to develop into a concept that can be commercialized. Business Lease is therefore closely tracking the developments on Autonomous Driving.

Connected cars will generate lots of data. How are cars being used? Where are they being used? Who is behind the wheel and how is this person’s driving? With an increase in development and usage of concepts such as vehicle sharing, electrification, autonomy and vehicle connectivity, the amount of data collected from vehicles will rocket. Business Lease has connected vehicles of its fleet via telematic dongles, using data to provide better services for its clients. Business Lease is continuingly looking for possibilities to expand the usage of data driven services, improving the efficiency of the leasing process.

The adoption of electric vehicles is rising. Business Lease is noticing changing consumer attitudes, changing policies, improvements of batteries and thus range and broader access to charging infrastructure. This all present growth opportunities which Business Lease is supporting with its portfolio of electric cars.

Following E-hailing companies such as Uber, there is an increasing expansion of new businesses providing innovative business models for mobility needs. These are often cost-effective, convenient, and less stressful alternates which is why shared mobility has quickly shifted consumers’ preferences away from car ownership toward newer forms of transportation. To act on this trend, Business Lease has developed GO Share, a solution which incorporates car sharing in the current fleet of cars. GO Share is a ‘plug & play’ system that can transform every car into a shared car.

Has this caught your interest? Business Lease is continuously working on new and interesting propositions to adapt to the changing mobility landscape. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.

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