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Tesla Arrives in Slovakia

The first company to offer the prestigious electric car with a complete package of care in our market is Business Lease Slovakia.

Bratislava – The prestigious Tesla electric car is already available for its fans in Slovakia. Although the company does not presently have an authorised dealer in the country, the first to offer the electric car under an operating lease in Slovakia upon agreement with Tesla Motors is Business Lease Slovakia, including a complete package of care. „We will directly order and import the Tesla electric cars from Tesla Motors Company, providing all the services as well as charging stations,“ explains Managing Director of Business Lease Slovakia Björn van den Berg.

Tesla electric cars are the top in its category, and this is also why the automaker selects its partners around the globe that are able to provide a superior care. In case of Tesla Experience, an operating lease product, we offer not only the best technology in terms of vehicle trim and safety, but especially the driving experience and maximum care from the beginning of use. “It includes everything from financing the acquisition of the vehicle, its delivery to the client, to the payment of the registration expenses in Slovakia, taxes, insurance and to coverage of the service costs, delivery of the charging station, roadside assistance or to provision of replacement mobility, if needed,” explains Björn van den Berg. Business Lease will also pay for the transportation costs, as the vehicles will be imported from Tesla in the Netherlands. „Within the comprehensive care, we will ensure servicing of the vehicles in Vienna including the pick-up service and warranty,“ he adds.

Tesla believes that Business Lease best meets these requirements for the provision of care. It is based on a 25-year experience of the parent company with operating leases as well as on its ability to ensure the maximum care and mobility (it already has in its portfolio 60 Tesla electric cars)

Business Lease Slovakia can benefit from the know-how of the parent company in the Netherlands, where electromobility is widespread also due to tax benefits from the government. “The objective of the Company is offering innovative mobility solutions that are practical, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Although the government in Slovakia presently does not subsidise electromobility, we are ready to meet the demand by our ability to guarantee a residual value after the vehicle lease through a fixed closed calculation. And this applies to all the models of electric vehicles on the Slovak market,” says on the subject Lucia Čišková, Commercial Director at Business Lease Slovakia.

Presently, the number of electric vehicles in the Netherlands is almost 50 thousand, which is already more than originally anticipated. By 2020, the projected number is around 200 thousand, and by 2030, it is expected to have 2 million electric vehicles,” states Čišková. The upward trend is expected also in our country.

Presently, the demand for e-cars is fostered mainly because of social responsibility, as well as by companies that are innovative – so called “trendsetters”. We expect the interest also from the companies producing electricity and from the public companies wishing to lead by example.“But more and more companies will realize that electric cars do not have to be unaffordable,” notes Lucia Čišková.

The reason is that the acquisition of an electric car under an operating lease does not require any initial investment. Electricity prices and service costs are much lower compared to conventional vehicles; and along with the electric car, the company supplies also a charging station. “Under an operating lease, the lessee pays only for the real time when it uses the car, i.e. the difference between the acquisition value of the vehicle and the residual value at the end of the lease. Due to the high residual value of electric vehicles we are able to set the offer of an operating lease with the same cost effectiveness as in the case of conventional vehicles. Monthly lease payments for the company are fixed and without any risk connected to the resale price and servicing costs,” explains Björn van den Berg.



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