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There's no difference between our cars and those of other lease companies. It is our people that make the difference. You will always experience their care; everywhere. As a driver you will be helped by highly qualified people, instead of a call centre. As a fleet manager you will have a flexible partner to support you. We deliver Care: with less complexity and more savings. 24/7, every day!

same cars, better care


Mon 11 Apr

Operatinal lease market is growing in a record pace

Business Lease: double-digit growth confirms that outsourcing of the corporate vehicle financing and management got a green light from companies. Read more

Fri 8 Apr

Do not delay the tyre change

If outer temperature allows, put summer tyres on, so that you do not jeopardize your safety. Using winter tyres in the spring or summer not only means that they wear out faster. It may put also your safety in jeopardy. With the arrival of spring weather it is also the time for spring vehicle maintenance including the tyre change. Read more

Wed 23 Mar

We expect growth in electromobility during this year

Björn van den Berg: “More and more companies are beginning to realize that electromobility may be affordable for them.” Read more

Thu 18 Feb

Which cars are popular among female top managers? Have a look

The stereotype that women want smaller cars is no longer true. When selecting vehicle features, they look at the safety but also what might be useful for travelling with the family.
Read more

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