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There's no difference between our cars and those of other lease companies. It is our people that make the difference. You will always experience their care; everywhere. As a driver you will be helped by highly qualified people, instead of a call centre. As a fleet manager you will have a flexible partner to support you. We deliver Care: with less complexity and more savings. 24/7, every day!

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Mon 16 Jan

Electromobility 2017? Interest grows, but we are still lagging behind the other V4 countries

Subsidies should increase the interest in electromobility also among companies. It should be especially advantageous  with operational leasing. “Currently, we are launching a campaign promoting an e-mobility package in cooperation with brands including VW, Nissan and Kia,” says Lucia Čišková, Commercial Director at Business Lease Slovakia. Read more

Thu 22 Dec

Year of Tesla in Slovakia: Companies are enthused

Tesla, which can be now obtained in Slovakia through operational leasing provided by Business Lease, has been tested by dozens of companies. “Tesla is science fiction that has already entered into our garages," responds one of them. Read more

Thu 1 Dec

Dou you need to manage your car fleet during expansion? Optimise your costs

Companies often do not know that when expanding or relocating an employee abroad they can manage their fleet directly from Slovakia. Read more

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