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There's no difference between our cars and those of other lease companies. It is our people that make the difference. You will always experience their care; everywhere. As a driver you will be helped by highly qualified people, instead of a call centre. As a fleet manager you will have a flexible partner to support you. We deliver Care: with less complexity and more savings. 24/7, every day!

same cars, better care


Mon 3 Oct

Business Lease Slovakia Founds a Club Supporting Innovation

The goal of Business Lease Club is to connect stakeholders supporting innovation, sustainable development as well as corporate social responsibility. Read more

Sun 25 Sep

AutoBinck appoints Vincent Peeters as Chief Executive Officer of Business Lease Group

After leading Business Lease Group as CEO for over 11 years, Harm Nijlunsing has decided to step down as of 1st October 2016. Initially he will start travelling and thereafter he will focus on supervisory board memberships and advising companies. Read more

Fri 9 Sep

Considering motor own damage insurance? Look especially at the loss ratio

If as a company you belong to a risk sectors or your drivers drive the vehicles almost constantly, the insurance policy can reduce your costs. However, if the loss ratio increases disproportionately, you should examine the reasons and take further steps so that the insurance is not too high. Read more

Tue 30 Aug

A new car for your company? Take total costs into account

When acquiring a vehicle, domestic companies, unlike international ones, still look mainly at the purchase price of the vehicle or in case of operational leasing at the amount of monthly payment. What really matters, however, is total cost of ownership or mobility. Read more

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